By now you will have been given a new Astra Alliance Google Apps for Education Account.

You will also have received a new Chromebook for use during your training year, but you can also access your Astra Alliance files, email and services from any device (ipads, phones, laptops), wherever you are.

This site is intended as a companion for your training year, a place where you’ll find resources, links, information and your training calendar for the year. You can access these services via any Google page (once you’ve signed in) or the custom links below:

For those of you who are not familiar with Google Drive, Gmail and the variety of services available to you, we’ve gathered together a few links to the Google training materials below. These are ‘education’ specific training lessons, so will be useful in the classroom too (particularly if you are placed at DCGS during your training year).

There are also a lot of resources on the wider web that you can use, you just need to get used to formulating the ‘right’ question to get the answers you’re looking for. Remember that our DCGS teaching/support staff have been using Google Drive & Chromebooks for most of the last year, so feel free to ask any of them if you want to know anything.

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