The Role of the Mentor

Subject Mentors Structured and individualised mentoring is at the heart of our model of school based ITT. Each Subject Mentor (SM) will have a non-teaching allowance of approximately one hour per a week to provide their trainee with ongoing suppo... Read more


We are putting together all the links that you need throughout the year in a ‘Intranet’ style page. Simply click on the link below, or the Intranet link on the right hand side to access it. If it is th... Read more

Review Framework

The REVIEW framework comprises a set of suggestions and associated guidance. It is designed to help mentors and colleagues give you feedback about your performance and teaching in a constructive and helpful way. Stages Comments ... Read more

Opening Position Statement

You are required to complete an Opening Position Statement when you begin your course. If you haven’t done this yet, please go and do it! Your Opening Position Statement may take the form of a series of brief paragraphs or, if you prefer, a nu... Read more