Opening Position Statement

You are required to complete an Opening Position Statement when you begin your course. If you haven’t done this yet, please go and do it!

Your Opening Position Statement may take the form of a series of brief paragraphs or, if you prefer, a number of bullet points addressing the following questions:

  • What knowledge and expertise am I bringing with me to the training year that will be relevant to teaching?
  • What opportunities do I expect there to be on the course to utilise and develop my existing knowledge and expertise?
  • What personal qualities do I already have that will help me in the training year?
  • What areas of subject knowledge do I feel I need to develop through the training year in order to prepare me for a career in teaching?
  • What action do I intend to take by way of preparing myself for the training year?
  • What personal targets do I intend to set myself for the year to come?
  • What are my current expectations of, attitudes towards and feelings about the forthcoming training year

You should find the document in your google file

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